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About Us

What Besa do?

Taking Recycling to Next Level.

Solving global problem of scrap batteries/End of life Lithium Batteries and Lithium resurrect Cathode Material from the dead batteries back to the raw material supply chain of lithium batteries.


We are Creating sustainable battery raw materials supply chain with highest degree of recovery rate i.e. >95% and purity rate i.e. >98%.


Recovery and Purity in Pyro


Demo Facility:

BESA is part of 100kg demo facility of lithium battery recycling plant.
BESA is setting up a 4000MT Automatic/state of the Art Plant.
Lonand Near Pune.

Vision: “Our vision is to be the largest Lithium battery recycler in India by 2025. Also contribute to setup the best supply chain in India for Lithium battery Industry”.

Mission: “Is to provide clean and reliable energy solutions to the society”

Goal: “To resolve the supply chain and scarcity issues faced by the Lithium cell manufacturer”

BESA Team:

CEO: Vivekanand Bangar



Kavya Bangar Manager & PR

"Let's Save Mother Earth Together"