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Cell IR & Voltage Tester

Cell IR & Voltage Tester


      True 4-wire AC sine measurement, to effectively avoid the impact of test lines and resistance. Two functions interface, the old battery sorting function, low power consumption and a variety of power-saving options. Test up to 200 ohms with a minimum resolution of 0.01 milliohms and less than 5 milliohms. Press HOLD to enable the ZR function to measure internal resistance as low as 0.30-0. 50 milliohms.

Voltage resistance with the screen at the same time measurement, measurement quickly and steadily.
The minimum resolution of up to 0.01 milliohms. easy to test large capacity, high discharge rate low resistance battery.
Voltage, internal resistance test function, respectively, with manual automatic function.
Energy saving function. Can be set 5 – 60min shutdown delay. No operation and input, the ultra-delayed automatic shutdown. Can be set to 5-30min delay into low power mode.