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Intelligent Addressable Wall Sounder VAD

Intelligent Addressable Wall Sounder VAD
Eaton Cooper Code: CASB393 or CASB393WP
Eaton Menvier Code: MASB880 or MASB880WP
Eaton JSB code: FXN559LPS or FXN599LPSWP

Product Information.
1)3 volume settings controller by panel.
2)3 alarm tones controlled by a panel.
3)Weatherproof IP65 variant available.
4)In-built short circuit isolator.
5)Max. 60 per loop at low volume.
6)EN54 certified variants available.

Typical applications:
With both an indoor and weatherproof variant, this addressable open class VAD is suitable for all markets where EN54-23 VADs are now a requirement. White flash only.