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Micro single channel output unit - MCOM

Micro single channel output unit - MCOM

1)Suitable for switching 24V dc control circuits (fire door retainers etc).
2)Connections suitable for single strand fireproof cable up to 2.5mm2 .
3)Loop and output cable screen must be connected to interface earth terminals.
4)The relay output is a set of change over, non-latching, volt free contacts which are non monitored. Note: No addressing of the interface is required (see control panel operation for details)

The MCOM is a single output, soft addressed, micro interface, incorporating integral short circuit isolators. It is extremely compact and therefore ideal for incorporation into other equipment.
The MCOM is fully compatible with the current range of Eaton intelligent addressable fire control panels.
It is suitable for switching low voltage (24V dc at 1A maximum), via a set of non latching relay contacts.
It is suitable for switching HVAC control circuits, plant shutdown control circuits, fire door closure etc.

Product Information:
1)Soft addressed
2)Integral short circuit isolator
3)Single address
4)Non latching changeover relay
5)Suitable for switching low volts
control gear
6)Optional variants:

Optional Variants
1)The (MCOM-R) gives a 5 second pulse on reset, and is used for connecting/resetting beam detectors.
2)The (MCOM-S) is identified by the panel as a sounder and does not reset when put into ‘silence’ mode, only resets once panel has been reset.
3)The (MCOM-FC) is identified by the panel as sounder and will activate from its associate cause and effect programming. It will reset from a global reset not a global silence command. Suitable for use with fan controller devices for smoke management.