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Micro zone monitor unit - MIU872

Micro zone monitor unit - MIU872

1)Suitable for use with any Eaton conventional detector(except for D200 range).
2)Connections suitable for single strand fireproof cable up to 2.5mm2 .
3)Loop and input cable screen must be connected to interface earth terminals. Note: No addressing of the interface is required (see control panel operation for details)

1)The MIU872 is a single zone input, soft addressed, micro interface, incorporating integral short circuit isolators.
2)It is fully compatible with the current range of Eaton intelligent addressable control panels.
3)It is suitable for interfacing a zone of up to 20 conventional Eaton detectors onto a Eaton intelligent addressable control panel.
4)It will operate with any Eaton conventional detector in configuration with a schottky diode type base (CDBB300).

Product Information:
1)Soft addressed
2)Integral short circuit isolator
3)Single address
4)Accepts a zone of up to 20 Cooper conventional detectors.
5)Input monitored for open, short circuit and earth contact faults
6)Active end of line monitoring

1)Quick and simple to install
2)No hard addressing required (Plug and play)
3)Compact size
4)Easy to expand a system using existing wiring
5)No external power supply required