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Lon network booster – EC540

1)Extends Cooper network
2)Plug and play
3)No configuration required
4)Simple to use

1)The Lon Network Booster (EC540) is the solution to interconnect multiple EIA-709 channels. This unit provides up to 5 ports and routes packets between these ports. In spite of its small size the (EC540) provides best class performance and flexibility in use.
In order to provide the optimal router configuration the (EC540) supports 2 to 5 ports as well as the 2 operating modes “smart switch mode” and “configured router mode”.
Smart Switch Mode
The plug and play installation capability of the (EC540) allows connecting it to the network without any further configuration. The smart switch technology automatically detects the bit rates of the connected channels, learns the configuration of the network (domains, subnet/node addresses, group addresses) and forwards the packets between the different ports of the (EC540).
Configured Router Mode
In this mode the (EC540) behaves like a standard router. Network management tools must configure the router.