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Lon to RS232 adaptor – EC0232

1)Integrates PC based applications
2)Integrates PA/VA systems, site monitor and graphpack
3)Flexibility to use any PC application

1)Ensure that the power supply is switched off during installation.
2)Take care when inserting the RS232 connector to avoid damage.
3)Connect the LonWorks network cables.
4)Repower the system.
5)The EC0232 range of devices simply translate the LonWorks protocol and will require no setup or configuration.

1)The (EC0232) Lon to RS232 adapter allows connection of the Cooper system network
(LonWorks) devices to PC based applications such as site monitor, site graphics.
2)The (EC0232PAVA) offers a similar interfacing facility to the HMX PA/VA (public address voice alarm) system by withholding the handshaking functionality, and if required the (EC0232PAVA3D) offers an additional 3 minute time delay before the voice alarm function is actuated. The bi-directional link allows the status of the HMX PA/VA system to be displayed and monitored at the control panel. Different messages may be played depending on the configuration of the cause and effect programming.
3)The interface may be located anywhere on the Cooper peer to peer network allowing information from any intelligent addressable control panel to be routed through the bi-directional RS232 port to PC or PA/VA system.

1)Allows connection of Cooper system network devices to PC based applications.
2)Can be connected at any point on peer to peer network.
3)Allows Cooper system network to be connected to PC or PA/VA.