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Single mode Lon to fiber optic adapter - CFSL01

1)Ensure that the power supply is switched off during installation.
2)Take care when inserting the fibre optic connector to avoid damage. Note that the “RX” connector in the local module’s port should connect to the “TX” connector in the far end module’s port and vice versa.
3)LonA connects to Net_A of the LonWorks Bus (network card), LonB connects Net_B.

1)The single mode Lon to fiber optic adapter (CFSFL01) allows connection the of Cooper system network (LonWorks) devices through optical fiber, and to allow both point to point or multi drop topology.
2)Using only single mode fiber optic, the (CFSFL01) adapter allows extension of the Cooper system network LonWorks to a maximum distance of 15km with a transmission speed of up to 78Kbit/s or 1.25Mbit/s.
3)Connection is made using SC type fibre optic connectors. In comparison with conventional twisted pair cable, the fibre optic usage in a LonWorks network has many advantages; it is reliable and fast in long distance network transmission even in difficult industrial environments (with transients, surges or electromagnetic interference etc.) without requiring any additional transient protection.

1)Simple to install
2)Easy to use
3)Extends Cooper panel network
4)Fast response