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TCP/IP interface - EC400

1)Uses existing infrastructure
2)Ideal for remote mounting when used with Cooper webserver software
3)Easy to configure

DIP Functions
1)The EC400 has 7 switches to select the operating mode.
2)The EC400 must be configured to operate in a repeater mode, where all messages are forwarded regardless of the address format.
3)To put the EC400 into repeater mode, the following steps need to be performed.

1)The (EC400) is high performance, reliable and secure network infrastructure device for accessing Cooper Lon Network of intelligent addressable control panels over intranet or ethernet.
2)The EC400’s built in configuration server manages up to 256 IP devices on 1 IP channel without a dedicated management PC.
3)This unit supports DHCP even with changing IP addresses in an intranet environment.
4)The easy to understand, diagnostic LED’s allow installers to install and trouble shoot the device without expert knowledge and dedicated troubleshooting tool.
5)To connect the Cooper Lon network via intranet will require a minimum of 2 EC400’s. The first EC400 must be configured as a “configuration server” and the second as a “client”.
6)The EC400 when configured as a server requires the address list of all the EC400’s IP addresses in the network.