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Vertical Automatic Double Sided Spot Welding Machine


     This machine can be used as a stand-alone machine or automatic production line. It can weld up to 8 points on both sides at the same time, with high welding eficiency, good welding quality, simple welding path setting, easy operation and convenient product change, meeting various welding conditions.

     These spot-welding machines can weld cylindrical batteries, can also be customized for a variety of cylindrical battery, square battery, button battery and etc. The efficiency and accuracy of welding have been greatly improved. The operation and debugging very easy and convenient. Design of components built-in makes appearance more concise. This machine is used for 18650,21700,26650 and other cylindrical battery module welding, such as: energy storage power supply, electric bicycle power supply, hand tool power supply, etc.


1.Support breakpoint start, support automatic start and manual start mode conversion.

2.Simple programming, support any point programming and array programming, can realize jump spot welding, single point, double point mode fast switching, spot welding path optimization, improve efficiency, local disk can store 99 groups of programming files, USB interface can import graphics.

4.The system is divided into operator, administrator, super user and so on. It is convenient to use, manage and maintain butt welding machine.

5.The inverter DC welding power supply has the advantages of stable performance, fast welding speed, constant current working mode and elimination of unstable factors of welding current for a long time.
6. With welding current monitoring system, it can monitor welding current in real time.

7.Spot welding power supply has the function of false welding alarm, which can directly communicate with the motion controller. It can record the false welding position and warn the replacement of welding pin.

8.The welding efficiency is about 8 times that of manual welding, high stability, labor saving and time cost saving.

Technical specification:

      Automatic Double-Sided Spot-welding machine required 220V AC and 25W/35W/40W Power as input. weld each spot for 0.5 s. with Air pressure is 0.4 to0.6 and weld each spot for 0.5to 4kgf in 5000A/6000A/8000A Current.