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Lithium Ion Cells 256 Channel Battery Charge & Discharge Testing Machine

This is an 256-channel battery analyzer with three measurements to analyze small coin cells, pouch cell and cylindrical batteries. Each channel of the analyzer has independent constant-current and constant-voltage source, which can be programmed and controlled by computer software.
The battery automatic detection device is designed with modular structure, which is mainly composed of 7 parts, including bidirectional AC / DC converter module, constant current and voltage control module, electrical control module, central controller module, communication module and human-machine operation interface module.
when the battery is charged with constant current and constant voltage, the bidirectional AC / DC converter module transforms the AC voltage of the power grid into the low-voltage DC with the DC voltage of 12V, and realizes the electrical isolation between the strong current and the weak current Finally, the constant current and constant voltage charging control and detection of the battery are realized through the constant current and constant voltage control module .
When the battery is discharged, the process is just the opposite of charging. First, the battery voltage is increased to 12V by constant current and voltage control module, and then the DC is converted into AC by bidirectional AC / DC converter module and fed directly into the factory’s AC distribution network, so as to realize the energy feedback of discharged battery energy.

256 channels battery charge and discharge testing machine need AC input 220v and also power required is 10kw.Cyllindrical and polymer batteries are test by using 8 channel charger tester.these charger charge up to 0 to 5 v and discharge between 0.8 v to 4.5 v and current required 2A/3A/5A.

This system provides most applications in battery testing fields such as electrode materials research, battery performance test, small-scale battery formation, capability grading, battery pack testing, etc