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Horizontal Gantry Type Manual Spot Welding Machine

Horizontal Gantry Type Manual Spot Welding Machine


               This machine is used for 18650,21700,26650 and other cylindrical battery pack welding, such as: energy storage power supply, electric bicycle power supply, hand tool power supply, etc. This machine is a manual one with high welding efficiency, good welding quality, and easy operation, using for various welding conditions.


  1. It is convenient for battery welding with the move fixture.
  2. reliable welding quality with 10KW/15KW/30KW inverter power supply.
  3. It is large welding space for stable welding with Gantry frame.

Technical parameter:    

                   These Gantry type Manual spot machine has 220v ac/50Hz and as required input also weld each spot for 0.5s. Air pressure is 0.4 to 0.6 and weld each spot for 0.5to 4kgf for 2500A/3000A/6000A Current