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Manual Battery Spot Welding Machine

Manual Battery Spot Welding Machine


                This machine is used for 18650,21700,26650 and other cylindrical battery pack welding, such as: energy storage power supply, electric bicycle power supply, hand tool power supply, etc. This machine is a manual one with high welding deficiency, good welding quality and easy operation using for various welding conditions.


  • I’s easy to move with small size;
  • reliable welding quality with 10KW/15KW/30KW inverter power supply;
  • High welding deficiency with Manual control by foot switch

Technical parameter:

           These Manual Spot-welding machine has 220v ac/50Hz and as required input also weld each spot for 0.5 s with Air pressure is 0.4 to0.6 and weld each spot for 0.5to 4kgf for2000A/3000A/6000A Current.