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Battery Pack Tester

Battery Pack Tester

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      The tester is designed for capacity test of 12-72V battery packs. You can set up discharging current and cut-off voltage. The tester supports automatic discharge and with a portable external battery charger it allows automatic charge. Connect it to a computer for a complete test graph and extensive functions.


 – Instrument displays by LCD, each index is clear at a glance.
– Intelligent speed fan can run continuously, delay the power-off of the fan, and blow off the remaining heat.
– Polarity protection, anti-reverse connection, and so on.
– Maximum cycle number is 99, which can be used as battery aging equipment.
– Modular design, easy maintenance and replacement of accessories.
– Two operation methods: Panel & Software. After installing the specified software, the device can be managed and operated through the computer: charge-discharge setting, data sampling, test report imports and exports, test data analysis, charge-discharge curves drawing.
– One computer can manage multiple devices simultaneously through a switch, make testing more efficient and simpler



Battery Pack Tester


AC 100-240V

Cut-off voltage:

8.00-88.00V, stepper 0.01V

Discharge current:

0.10-20.00A, stepper 0.01A (to discharge 12V battery packs the max 

current is 10A)

Discharge voltage:

0.10-89.00V, stepper 0.01V

Capacity detection:

< 10Ah, 0.001Ah;

 10-100Ah, 0.01Ah;

 > 100Ah, 0.1Ah

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