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CCD Visual Inspection Machine

CCD Visual Inspection Machine

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      CCD vision detection equipment, in fact, means that through the machine vision product CCD image sensor will be taken into an image signal, transmitted to a dedicated image processing system, according to the distribution of pixels and brightness, color, and other information, a detection device that Converts Signals Into Digital Signals; an image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target and then control the action of equipment in the field according to the results of discrimination. CCD vision detection equipment can replace the human eye to do measurement and judgment, is used in production, assembly or packaging of valuable equipment. It has higher efficiency and accuracy in detecting whether the batteries are correctly placed in series-parallel positive and negative electrodes and in detecting products with defects in spot welding.


Feed positioning of battery core

Polar ear levelling .

 CCD solder joint detector has high resolution image acquisition, artificial intelligence image processing and recognition technology to improve defect recognition rate.

CCD welding detector has the advantages of fast recognition speed and high accuracy. It can select anti-static belt without damaging the battery.

Humanized programming, easy to.


XY axis stroke

500mm*400mm (customizable)

Repeated positioning accuracy

± 0.1mm

Operating system

industrial computer + intelligent c

Transmission mode

Assembly line

Driving mode

Stepping motor

DC power supply


Detection efficiency

1s / pcs

Display Pixels


Total weight


Maximum bearing weight


Input power

Single phase AC 220V / 50Hz

Air source



960 * 950 * 1800mm


21.5-inch Philips display

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