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Fire Alarm System

TCP/IP interface – EC400

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TCP/IP interface – EC400 Benefits1)Uses existing infrastructure2)Ideal for remote mounting when used with Cooper webserver software3)Easy to configure DIP Functions1)The EC400 has 7 switches to select the operating mode.2)The EC400 must be configured to operate in a repeater mode, where… Read More »TCP/IP interface – EC400

Lon to RS232 adaptor – EC0232

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Lon to RS232 adaptor – EC0232 Benefits:1)Integrates PC based applications2)Integrates PA/VA systems, site monitor and graphpack3)Flexibility to use any PC application Installation:1)Ensure that the power supply is switched off during installation.2)Take care when inserting the RS232 connector to avoid damage.3)Connect… Read More »Lon to RS232 adaptor – EC0232

Lon network booster – EC540

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Lon network booster – EC540 Benefits:1)Extends Cooper network2)Plug and play3)No configuration required4)Simple to use Overview:1)The Lon Network Booster (EC540) is the solution to interconnect multiple EIA-709 channels. This unit provides up to 5 ports and routes packets between these ports.… Read More »Lon network booster – EC540